I Am Expert In

Wedding Photography Retouching

If you are photographer – give me photos and spend your time for more shoots, than sitting and retouching photos. If you are bride or groom – I will be happy to make your photos looks best and save your memories more beauty.

Fashion & Catalogs Photography Retouching

You have a shop? Sale clothes? Need retouching for catalogs? I will be happy to assist you with it and help move your brand to a new level.

Newborns & Babies Photography Retouching

I know, you want to see perfect photos of your babies and kids. That’s why I am here – to make any photos looks better but save natural look.

Jewellery Photography Retouching

Hi-end jewelry retouching for your business makes sales growth. I am always keep a lot of attention to details.

Object And People Isolations

I can remove any background for photos with people, objects, food etc. Only handmade work gives perfect result.

Old Photography Restoration

Restoring old retro photos – very complex but amazing part of my work. I will bring your old and damaged photos to new life.

Quality, Creative & Awesome.

Creative experienced retoucher who passionate about his work and best result for his clients

Steps in My Works

My process on creating awesome projects.

1. Let's talk

We discuss your project, you show me photos and let me know details. I will give you estimate of price and turnaround time.

2. Prepare

You send me photos and needful files. RAW files much preferred for best result, but of course I can work with any type of images you have.

3. Retouching

I am doing my magic with your photos following brief. If needed – I will ask you questions during work.

4. Finalize

I am sending you all files, do minor changes if needed. Work complete, you happy with result, I am happy that you are happy.

Who Am I

A creative retoucher who turning ideas into beautiful things

Who is behind all this?

My name is Dmitriy. I am a professional retoucher, photographer (in past) and skilled photoshop & lightroom expert. My many years’ experience allows me to solve any, even the most complicated tasks. I take deadlines very seriously and pay attention to detail.
I am pleased to get these things done:
  • processing wedding photos from source to the retouched ones
  • retouching of family and kids’ photo sessions, including newborn
  • complex photomontage
  • isolation of items, jewelry and people
  • as well as any non-standard tasks in image processing
I am always happy to answer all messages and questions.
Hire me and enjoy my rapid and high quality work.
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Get in Touch

Feel free to drop me a line to contact me

If you have something to edit or you want to ask any retouching related question – feel free to contact me anytime. Just mail me and I will give you an answer as soon as possible.